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Soccer is a passion and a stimulant that brings the joy of life and hope to all Haitian, regardless of their age, their sex and their economical social statute. 

Therefore, the women’s soccer teams of Haiti have a direct and immediate impact in the reconstruction of the country ravaged by the earthquake. On one hand, they serve as motors that will carry a certain increase into the self-esteem and also the confidence in themselves of young women of Haiti. And on the other hand, they will allow the players, selected to the national program, to be able to help instantly the members of their family ravaged by the earthquake.

100% of your donations will go directly towards a monthly allowance for each player so they can help their family.


Walking together united in memory of you

We want to play regardless the circumstance
We may not have a field left to practice
We may now living on the grass of our stadium
We may not have the proper equipments
We may for now only eat to survive
We know we are the lucky ones nevertheless
We want to play because we are thankful for what we have
We know that surviving is our friend for a reason
We know that you are looking upon us
We want to make you proud of our effort
We want to make you smile wherever you are
We want to give you reasons to hope
We know hope is all we’ve got for now
We know that hope is what we can afford…


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