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Welcome to the Haiti Women's Soccer teams Online Soccer Chat.


Please abide by these chat rules:

1. Chat conversations should be predominately about Haiti Women's Soccer and women's soccer teams, events, competition, soccer help, tips and emergency aid for the Haiti Women's Soccer team due to the 2010 earthquake.

2. DO NOT use chat to try and sell products or ask for personal information.

3. Be nice! If you have a personal problem with someone, take it elsewhere.

4. Never give out your real name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card or bank account information or passwords.

5. No swearing, inappropriate names, impersonating others, flooding, drug talk, sexually explicit names, racist comments, spamming other chatters or commercial advertising.

6. No illegal activity, as per real life.

7. No one under the age of 14 is allowed to participate in this online chat.

8. Officers, members, employees, contractors and volunteers of the Haiti Women's Soccer website ( cannot be responsible for content of information appearing within the chat page since this page is open to the public.

9. Violations of these rules will result in removal from this site and possible reporting to federal, state or local authorities.


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