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This page is for chatting about Haiti Women's Soccer teams and topics of interest to the team and players. No product sales or commercial use or advertising allowed. Read all of the rules here.

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  • bobo : hi
  • bobo : hi!
  • Guest_4725 : 2 dollars pays 1500$ if Haiti wins World Cup 2023 lol let’s goooo
  • clairo : hello. I am an american whose father is haitian. i am very interested in trying out for the haitian team. would that be possible?
  • clairo : Hello. I am an american whose father is from haiti. i was hoping to tryout for the women’s national team. would that be possible?
  • Guest_1070 : Hello, is there any tryouts for new members?
  • Edrw : «link»
  • Guest_2589 : «link»
  • Guest_3349 : Thanks
  • Md : hello I'M a soccer player, i was born in the Bahamas from Haitian parents, I would like to be a member of the team
  • Guest_822 : «link»
  • Guest_209 : Wondering if the team will be running any youth camps this summer? We would love to send our daughter.
  • Guest_1399 : «link»
  • Guest_1399 : «link»
  • Mike : Hello, Haiti fans! If you will be attending the game in Detroit and are interested in a goodwill soccer scarf trade with a US fan, let me know.
  • Barrack Obama : U.S. Will best haiti
  • Guest_3940 : What's your record????? And will be at game 1 against usa. Good luck ladies
  • Guest_4672 : Looking forward to Haiti WNT in Birmingham Sunday!! Welcome to the "Magic City"
  • Guest_3304 : how good is the Haiti soccer team?
  • Guest_174 : Donya is MVP
  • fenuz : rumah minimalis «link»
  • Guest_1294 : «link»
  • Guest_318 : Hello everybody haiti is good at soccer
  • Guest_2933 : How does the team have money to travel when the US sends so much in aid??
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  • Mark125 : www.worldfootbal
  • Guest_2625 : please i would greatly appreciate it
  • Guest_2625 : what is the score?
  • Guest_2625 : no one?