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Donations and Support Page

We've now made it easier for you to see a list of recent donations received at Haiti Women's Soccer. We're also including a list of athletes that have received grants through our website.


Donations and Support


You can also see this information by clicking on the Donate link on the menu.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you!

FIFA provides $3 million in support for Haiti Soccer

Speaking of support to Haiti Soccer, donated $3 million after the January earthquake to Haiti Soccer programs to help rebuild the headquarters, technical centers and other facilities. You can read about the FIFA donation here.  We're hoping the women's team receives it's fair share of the generous FIFA donation.


You can help too. Donate to Haiti Women's Soccer through our site.


You can also view recent donations received and support provided by Haiti Women's Soccer. not affiliated with FHF

In order to avoid any confusion, please note that Haiti Women's Soccer ( is not affiliated with Federation Haitienne de Football (FHF). We work with FHF as appropriate to provide donations and resources to the women on Haiti soccer teams but we are not part of that organization.

Haiti Women's Soccer was created with the purpose of providing information and fund raising to assist the women of Haiti's national soccer teams and is managed by the past head coach of the Haiti Women's National Soccer Team and former World Cup player,  Gaspard D'Alexis.