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Donations and Support Page

We've now made it easier for you to see a list of recent donations received at Haiti Women's Soccer. We're also including a list of athletes that have received grants through our website.


Donations and Support


You can also see this information by clicking on the Donate link on the menu.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@HaitiWomensSoccer.com. Thank you!

FIFA provides $3 million in support for Haiti Soccer

Speaking of support to Haiti Soccer, FIFA.com donated $3 million after the January earthquake to Haiti Soccer programs to help rebuild the headquarters, technical centers and other facilities. You can read about the FIFA donation here.  We're hoping the women's team receives it's fair share of the generous FIFA donation.


You can help too. Donate to Haiti Women's Soccer through our site.


You can also view recent donations received and support provided by Haiti Women's Soccer.


Digicel supports Haiti Football Federation

Just going through some of the old posts and saw we missed this one back in May. From Caribbean Net News:

"Digicel has renewed its support of the Haiti Football Federation in a multimillion dollar deal over the next four years. In addition, Digicel also donated vital office supplies and equipment to the Federation whose building was destroyed in the earthquake on January 12."

You can read the entire article here.


You can help too. Donate to Haiti Women's Soccer through our site.


You can also view recent donations received and support provided by Haiti Women's Soccer.


HaitiWomensSoccer.com not affiliated with FHF

In order to avoid any confusion, please note that Haiti Women's Soccer (HaitiWomensSoccer.com) is not affiliated with Federation Haitienne de Football (FHF). We work with FHF as appropriate to provide donations and resources to the women on Haiti soccer teams but we are not part of that organization.

Haiti Women's Soccer was created with the purpose of providing information and fund raising to assist the women of Haiti's national soccer teams and is managed by the past head coach of the Haiti Women's National Soccer Team and former World Cup player,  Gaspard D'Alexis.

ESPN Video: Haiti Women’s Soccer U17

You've got to see this powerful ESPN video about the Haiti Women's U17 team and their quest to play in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. You'll get a real feeling what it's like to be on the team and the power that soccer has on motivating the girls even after the devastating January 2010 earthquake.

Surrounded by the rubble of thousands of tons of concrete and with a loss of parents, siblings, friends and coaches, the girls decide to keep playing to show the world their strength and determination.

ESPN Haiti Women's Soccer U17 Team Video


Warning – Video contains graphic images from January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Everyone has lost something. If you can help, please donate.


Bold Moves: Haiti Women’s Team FIFA Ranking

L’ équipe nationale féminine senior vient de faire la plus grande remontée de son histoire dans le dernier classement FIFA datant du mois de mai. De sa 106ème place au monde en Mars 2010, Haïti est maintenant classé 58ème au monde, donc un bond de 48 places. Par ailleurs, Haïti est déjà à deux pas de l'objectif à court terme fixé par le nouvel entraîneur-chef Dalexis Gaspard, une place parmi les quatre meilleures équipes nationales de la CONCACAF. L’équipe nationale féminine senior est actuellement sixième dans la région de la CONCACAF soufflant dans le cou des meilleures équipes de la region: États-Unis, Canada, Mexique, Trinidad and Tobago et le Costa Rica.


Haiti National Women’s Soccer Team has just made the biggest move of its history in the last FIFA Ranking of May. From its 106th ranking in the world in March 2010, Haiti is now ranked 58th in the world, thus a move of 48 places. Also, Haiti is already two steps from the short term objective fixed by the new Head Coach Gaspard Dalexis, a place among the top four national teams in the CONCACAF. The Haiti National Women’s Soccer Team is currently 6th in the CONCACAF region blowing in the neck of the top teams USA, Canada, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica.

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Haiti Women’s vs Dominican Republic U17B

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Saturday May 1st 2010

Formation N/A
Spectators: 500
Field:  Stadium Principal of San Cristobal (Dominican Republic)
4h00 pm Haiti Women vs. Dominican Rep National Team  U17 Boys W 3-2

(Saintilus – Francois – Marseille –  Charles – Aristlilde  – Dolce – Lovely – Pierre -Louis –  Saintilmond – Batard – Beaussicot; Hilaire – Valentin – Bellevue – Lovely – Saintilus – Marcellus – BoBo – Balais – Cajuste – Montinard – Borgella
Injured: Libertin – Mathelier – Saintilmond
D/P(c/d): Boulos – Brand

Goals: Batard (1), Bellevue(1), Beaussicot (1),

The Haitian National Women´s Soccer Team played Tuesday May 4th its toughest opponent yet, the Dominican Republic U17 Boys National Team. The Haitian´s coaching staff wanted to challenge the women national team against a stronger, faster, quicker and more skill opponent. Indeed the boys side was all that. So, the game was very balance for most of the time. However after just a few minutes into the game, it was obvious that only one player from the boys side was causing most of the trouble to the Women defense. At barely 5 feet tall and lightning quick, he wore number 17 and played center forward.

Regardless, It was the women side who took the lead on a goal from Beaussicot after 15 minutes of play on a nice header. But 5 minutes later, the #17 of the Dominican Rep national team U17 boys equalized on a one on one against  Haiti´s keeper. The first half score was 2-1 in favor of Haiti because just before the pause, Bellevue restored the lead on a pass from Hilaire. In the second half, although the #17 from the boys side scored again to even the score at 2-2, Haiti was the dominante team on the field with a superior fitness and team display. Therefore, after Batard scored the go ahead and winning goal on a solo effort, Haiti could have scored more goals…

Final Haiti National Women´s Soccer Team 3-2 over the Dominican Republic National U17 boys team.

Haiti next game will be against Antigua and Barbuda in Trinidad.

Haiti N/C – Republique Dominicaine U17 Filles 4-2-2

Samedi, le 1er Mai, 2010

Rapport de Match
Formation: Haiti N/C – Republique Dominicaine U17 Filles 4-2-2
Spectateurs: 500
Terrain: Le Stadium Principal de San Cristobal (Republique Dominicaine)

4h00 pm Equipe Nationale d’Haiti vs. Equipe Nationale Dominicaine U17G  V 9-0

(Saintilus – Francois – Marseille –  Charles – Aristlilde  – Dolce – Lovely – Pierre -Louis –  Saintilmond – Batard – Beaussicot; Hilaire – Valentin – Bellevue – Lovely – Saintilus – Marcellus – BoBo – Balais – Cajuste – Montinard – Borgella

Injured: Libertin – Mathelier – Saintilmond
D/P(c/d): Boulos – Brand

Goals: Batard (2), Manoucheka (1), Lovely (1), Beaussicot (1), Borgella (1), Hilaire (1), Bellevue (1), Valentin (1)

Samedi après-midi, l’équipe nationale Senior Femmes a joué son deuxième  match hors concours  sous la gouverne de l’entraîneur en chef Gaspard Dalexis. Le match a eu lieu au Stade principal de San Cristobal, contre l’équipe nationale U17 filles de la République Dominicaine. Il y a eu probablement au moins cinq cent spectateurs prèsents mais plus de la moitié était venue surtout pour pour participer à une messe qui fut célébrée dans le stade, en même temps que le match. Sous l'inspiration de la musique gospelle venant des estrades, l’équipe nationale Senior Femmes a contrôlé le jeu dès le coup de sifflet, en imposant sur les jeunes Dominicaines un jeu de passes rapides et simples que l'entraîneur a appelé le nouveau style Haïtien de soccer, « Partager vous Rend Meilleur » La balle a été certainement partagé parmi les joueuses Haïtiennes et les jeunes Dominicaines ont passé la majeure partie du match à courir après le ballon partout sur le terrain. Huit differentes joueuses ont marquè les neufs buts de la sèlection fèminine senior et seize passes ont ètè fournies pour crèer ces buts… On devrait applaudir les jeunes de l’èquipe nationale U17 filles de la Rèpublique Dominicaine pour un effort courageux puisqu’elles ont bataillè fort  et n'ont jamais renoncé.

4 May 2010 Training Camp Photos

Here are some photos from the May 2010 training camp.


4 May 2010 Quick Update

The National women's soccer team added to its roster for the Gold Cup three Haitians US based players. Tatiana Mathelier – Samantha Brand – Kimberly Boulos all three players responded with joy to the call of the National Coach. Tatiana is forward who played professional for two years in Island. Kimberly also a forward played professional in Sweden but is currently playing in the W-league with Chicago and Samantha a defender is currently a senior at the University of San Francisco.