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Haiti Women vs. Dominican Rep U17G W 9-0

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Saturday May 1st 2010

Formation N/A
Spectators: 500
Field:  Stadium Principal of San Cristobal (Dominican Republic)
4h00 pm Haiti Women vs. Dominican Rep U17G W 9-0

(Saintilus – Francois – Marseille –  Charles – Aristlilde  – Dolce – Lovely – Pierre -Louis –  Saintilmond – Batard – Beaussicot; Hilaire – Valentin – Bellevue – Lovely – Saintilus – Marcellus – BoBo – Balais – Cajuste – Montinard – Borgella
Injured: Libertin – Mathelier – Saintilmond
D/P(c/d): Boulos – Brand

Goals: Batard (2), Manoucheka (1), Lovely (1), Beaussicot (1), Borgella (1), Hilaire (1), Bellevue (1), Valentin (1)

On Saturday afternoon, Haiti National Women’s Soccer Team played its second exhibition game under Head Coach Gaspard Dalexis. The game took place at the San Cristobal Stadium against the Dominican Republic U17G national team. There were probably almost five hundred spectators who mostly came to attend a mass celebration that was held in the stadium at the time of the game. With the inspiration of the gospel music and chant that was on the background, Haiti National Women’s Team took control of the game from the start, by imposing on the young Dominican a quick and simple passing game that the coach called the Haitian style of soccer, “Sharing makes you Better” The ball was certainly shared among the Haitian players and the Dominican spent most of the game chasing the ball all over the field. Out of the nine Haiti National Women’s Soccer Team goals scored, there were eight different scorers and almost sixteen total assists. One should applaud the Dominican National U17G Soccer Team for a valiant effort… The battle hard and never gave up.

Haiti vs. AS Truitier U15 garçons (de Carrefour) W 10-1

Haiti vs. AS Truitier U15 garçons (de Carrefour) W 10-1
FIFA Proyecto Goal, San Cristobal (Dominican Republic)
Saturday, 25 April 2010 4PM


Notes et nouvelles du Camp:     

Après plusieurs semaines de pratiques et quatre jours sous la tutelle de leur entraîneur en chef Gaspard Dalexis, l'équipe nationale féminine sénior de soccer a joué enfin son premier match hors concours. Ce fut contre une jeune et talentueuse équipe de garçons de 15 ans, l’AS Truitier de Carrefour d’Haïti. Bien que l'équipe Nationale des Femmes a marqué juste 25 sec suivant le coup d’envoi de l’arbitre, cependant ce sont les jeunes Truitiens qui pendant  plusieurs minutes contrôlaient le jeu avec leur passes précises. Mais, l'équipe nationale des Femmes, après avoir fait les petits ajustements nécessaries, a  pris le  contrôle du match avec des  passes précises de son cru. Donc, le 2-0 a suivi rapidement. Une tête de Batard a trouvé le fond du filet sur un centre de Saintilmond. Deux minutes plus tard, Libertin a marqué le troisième but de l’équipe nationale sur un autre coup de tête. Cette fois, c'était sur un centre d'Aristlilde qui a rencontré le front de Saintilmond au moment opportun. Bien que, le score final était 10-1 en faveur de l’équipe nationale des femmes, les garçons ont lutté très fort jusqu’a la fin. Les femmes ont bien joué Toutefois, elles sont encore très loin de leur capacité énorme…

Une mauvaise note du match: Nous avons subbi la perte, du très jeune et très douée, de l’attaquante de 18 ans BOBO, en raison d'une épaule disloquée et fracturée.

Prières et sincères condoléances

Le père de l’entraîneur-adjointe Yvette est décédé hier…Quoique Je n’ai jamais eu l’opportunité de le rencontrer je suis convaincu qu’il fut une personne digne, bien et soucieux de son prochain tout comme sa fille, Yvette. A travers elle, sa vie continuera sur cette terre. Au nom de l’equipe nationale féminine senior et la fédération Haitienne de Football et tous les fanatiques, je présente mes sincères condoléances a sa famille, ses proches, ses amis…Nos prières et nos pensées sont avec vous.

Women’s National Exhibition Game – Haiti vs AS Truitier U15 Boys


Haiti vs. AS Truitier U15 Boys (de Carrefour) W 10-1

Porto Goal San Cristobal (Dominican Republic)

Saturday, 25 April 2010 4PM


Training Camp Notes:

After several weeks of practices and four days with the head coach Gaspard Dalexis, the National Women’s Soccer Team played finally its first exhibition game. It was against a young and talent U15 Boys team AS Truitier of Carrefour, Haiti. Although the National Women’s team scored just 25 sec into the game however for several minutes the young boys were controlling the game with their slick passing. But, the National Women’s Team made the necessary adjustments and took control of the game with some slick passing on their own. Therefore, it was quickly 1-0 when a Batard header found the back of the net of a cross from Saintilmond. Two minute later, Libertin scored the national team second goal on another header. This time it was a cross from Aristlilde that met in timely fashion Saintilmond forehead.

Even though, the score final was 10-1 in favor of Haiti Women’s national team, the boys battle very hard from start to finish. The National side played a good game but  is a long way from what that is expected from them.

One bad note: We loss the very young and talented 18 yrs old forward, BOBO due to a dislocated and fractured shoulder.

Goals: Batard (3), Manoucheka (3), Libertin (1), Hilaire (3)

(Limage – Francois – Marseille –  Charles – Aristlilde  – Dolce – Sanon – Pierre -Louis –  Saintilmond – Batard – Libertin; Hilaire – Valentin – Bellevue – Lovely – Saintilus – Marcellus – BoBo – Balais – Cajuste – Montinard – Bauguot
Injured: Verna – Mathelier – Nord )

Haitian heroines bring hope to a nation

(from, March 9, 2010)

Haiti’s young female footballers are showing the way forward for their grief-stricken compatriots. Less than two months after the massive earthquake that brought devastation to the country, a group of intrepid Haitian youngsters are getting ready to pull on the national jersey and fight it out with the rest of the CONCACAF Zone for a place at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Trinidad and Tobago 2010.

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Gaspard D’Alexis Haiti National Women’s Coach

Gaspard D'Alexis The job of coaching a national soccer team isn't easy under perfect conditions. There's the arduous qualification process, tricky player selection, tactical adjustments, overseeing the youth system, etc. etc.

Now, imagine how difficult that job would be with the added responsibility of trying to restore hope and pride to a nation devastated by one of the worst natural disasters in modern memory.

That's precisely the task ahead for Gaspard D'Alexis, who assumed the head coaching duties for the Haiti women's national team this month. He left this morning for the Dominican Republic to work with the team ahead of the next round of qualification for the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup.

D'Alexis, who was born in Haiti but lived in Canada most of his life, is the director of coaching for the Omega Athletic Club in Kansas City. Before that he founded the first women's league in Montreal and he played professional soccer in France. He's lived in the KC area for the last 8 years and was featured in a front-page story in The Kansas City Star on January 14 in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti that killed tens of thousands. His family, like many others, suffered losses in Port-au-Prince.

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Haiti claims second-round berth in WGC qualifying

Thursday, April 1. SAN CRISTOBAL, Dominican Republic – Wisline Dolce scored with six minutes remaining, her second goal in as many games, to give Haiti a 2-1 victory over the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, earning the beleaguered nation a berth in the second round of the Caribbean's Women's Gold Cup qualifying.

The goal by Dolce, who also had one in a 5-0 victory over the Turks and Caicos Islands on Sunday, finished Haiti atop Group D with six points. The Dominican Republic, which also beat the Turks and Caicos3-1 on Friday, finished second with three points.

Haiti joins Guyana, Puerto Rico and St. Lucia, which also won their groups, in the second round, to be contested in two groups of four teams (in Cuba, May 10, 12 and 14).

The second-round group winners will qualify for the Women's Gold Cup in late October-early November while the group winners, best runner-up and host Puerto Rico will qualify for the Central American and Caribbean Games in July.

U17 Girls – ESPN Post

Haiti Women’s Soccer Team – With their country devastated by an earthquake that killed thousands, including their coach, the Haitian Under 17 Women’s soccer team had to regroup to train and prepare for a tournament that would qualify the team for the U17 FIFA World Cup. Lisa Salters followed the team’s courageous effort that fell short when they were eliminated from contention.

“It’s one of the most difficult stories I’ve ever had to work on,” said Salters. “We spent three weeks with those girls. When they didn’t win, for them, it’s not just the team is over, it’s now we go back to our life. And we went back (to Haiti) and saw what they went back to and that is sleeping on the streets, with no food. It was just awful. It’s like soccer could have saved them, and it didn’t.”

Haiti Mens Team arrives in San Antonio, TX

The Haitian soccer team is in San Antonio and ready to train for the Caribbean Cup.

Players and coaches flew from Haiti to the San Antonio International Airport late Wednesday night. The entire team will be staying at the T-Bar M Ranch in New Braunfels.